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Mittwoch, 13. August 2008


Will be taking place on 30th and 31st of July in Hainault Forest, just 30 mins from Central London and a slight bit more from Chelmsford, like always...

The line-up consists of bands like Gang of Four, Blood Red Shoes, Young Knives, Johnny Foreigner, XX Teens, BoomBox and Horrors DJ sets and an awful lot of great new and/or very interesting bands (my faves are definitely S.C.U.M, doing something beautifully dark and without a guitarist!)

yeah, and since it seemed quite the way I would not find anyone who'd go there with me, I just signed up for volunteering, so I get free entry, food and drinks and I get to see my favourite bands (ok, at least I hope so)

I'm really excited, I just pray the weather will be getting a bit better. English summer seems to consist of one day to be exact. Which is alright with me, but that heavy rain and wind all the time gets a bit boring after a while...

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