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Mittwoch, 13. August 2008

London Rain

yeah, I actually was all over writing this post on Saturday which due to the development of a slight cold (what some people mistake for being a killer-cholera-like disease) never happened.

sooo last saturday i got way before my usual time just to make my way to spitalfields and get the most amazing haircut and COLOR i have ever had! this pure feeling of looking in the mirror and seeing EXACTLY what you wanted to look like since you had developed that thing about cropped blonde hair is just pure bliss! ok, it was some kinda expensive bliss but hey, life's definitely too short for a wrong haircut!

so, if you fancy a similar experience check this out!

after this fabulous experience i made my usual stroll down brick lane when it just started to pour down for basically the rest of the day. but i was a lucky girl that day, finding my perfect red/black check-vintage shirt and the PERFECT hat at beyond retro. I absolutely adore this place!!!

A nice latte at Café @ Brick Lane later I just went down to Rough Trade just to bump into a free gig by Poppy and the Jezebels, an all-girls band from Birmingham which kinda goes under that infamous "underage" label and after having read about them in i-D some time ago I was happy about my lucky choice to flick through some fabulous books and Vinyls. Their songs were quite nice, you should check them out.

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