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Samstag, 16. August 2008

Friday - 7am in London

Yesterday we had a lovely promo-event at Charing Cross. We started preparing out little one-day boutique at about 8am, which meant I took the train at 6.30. Ok, I won't say when I got up for that but it was fairly early. However, being in London at such an early time is just amazing, the only people on the street are some early office workers and delivery guys. I can't find words on how I love that feeling when you see how a city is just waking up. Not buzz, no noise, no tourists. On my way down Charing Cross road I took some snaps, I wish I'd had more time for pictures though...

After work I treated myself for some Topshop action, which was quite disappointing. a nice looking dress, which on close-up seemed like made of some cheapy rubbish plastic-like fabric for 55 pounds, NAH! So I went down to the boutique on -2 but I could not find anything anywhere next to "i like" there either. Maybe the money-gods just wanted to protect me. I think they really did, because apparently a woman came up to me and said how much she loved my look, well my hair (yay!) and if I was interested being a model for the Vidal Sassoon Academy. Ok, nothing glamourous, but it means a FREE cut and colour from Sassoon... not too bad.

So that basically means, investing in an expensive haircut will get you a free one...
To put an end on my day, I just popped down to Beigel Bake on Brick Lane for one of those heavenly tasty and cheap Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagels.

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