welcome to our mayhem.

Sonntag, 24. August 2008

Red Wine and Depressions

oh bloody hell, it's been a while since my last post... and so here we are, 4 months on, in 2009 and i will try to keep this up a bit more properly.

I'm going to the darklands, to talk with my chaotic soul.

Montag, 18. August 2008

.find yourself a new boy.

I'd fancy a naked one with some black paint please.

.a naked girl falling down the stairs.

Something to read.

I accidentially picked up the P.I.X. - zine yesterday, just to find out I fucking love it! It's a free fanzine, actually a poster and is mostly about fab music and this time features an artwork from XX teens (who actually were/are art students before starting the band) as well as single reviews, an article about project: komakino and and and.

In Islington I found the London branch of Rockarchive, a gallery, specialised on rock photography, absofuckinglutely amazing! I wanted to have every single photograph on display!

Now I'll have some Special K Oats and Honey, THIS IS THE BEST CEREAL EVER!! I can't ever leave this country, I will die without it!

And I was like WHA'EVA

Sooooo, I must admit I am STILL knackered from Friday, jeeeez what's going on with me?

But here are my lovely buys from yesterday...

I got the multicolor-belt from Rokit. Anyways, it's black,red,pink, and blue, completely tacky and I fucking love it!

Then I got to my favourite stop of all times, Beyond Retro where I bought this amazingly comfy red skirt (for a tenner) and this dress / servant costume lols. I have to say their store is by far the best. In terms of merchandising and the stuff you find (god, I could still go on about that black and red check shirt I found last week) I think they're unbeatable.

Later, in Camden, I almost got myself into trouble whilst looking for my badly wanted Cramps Shirt, but finally I was successful! Well, the trouble was just me caught in the depths of one of these incredibly stuffed goth-trash stores, but that's another story... After exploring some other depths, of Camden Lock Market that is (oh, you HAVE to see Cyberdog, it's like a little stint in hell, but amazing) I finally found my shirt for just 12 quid. YAY! ok, sure, it's not an original but I just love the print.

My song of the day: Sonic Youth - Incinerate

Sonntag, 17. August 2008

A Sunday in the City.


Samstag, 16. August 2008

Friday - 7am in London

Yesterday we had a lovely promo-event at Charing Cross. We started preparing out little one-day boutique at about 8am, which meant I took the train at 6.30. Ok, I won't say when I got up for that but it was fairly early. However, being in London at such an early time is just amazing, the only people on the street are some early office workers and delivery guys. I can't find words on how I love that feeling when you see how a city is just waking up. Not buzz, no noise, no tourists. On my way down Charing Cross road I took some snaps, I wish I'd had more time for pictures though...

After work I treated myself for some Topshop action, which was quite disappointing. a nice looking dress, which on close-up seemed like made of some cheapy rubbish plastic-like fabric for 55 pounds, NAH! So I went down to the boutique on -2 but I could not find anything anywhere next to "i like" there either. Maybe the money-gods just wanted to protect me. I think they really did, because apparently a woman came up to me and said how much she loved my look, well my hair (yay!) and if I was interested being a model for the Vidal Sassoon Academy. Ok, nothing glamourous, but it means a FREE cut and colour from Sassoon... not too bad.

So that basically means, investing in an expensive haircut will get you a free one...
To put an end on my day, I just popped down to Beigel Bake on Brick Lane for one of those heavenly tasty and cheap Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagels.

Donnerstag, 14. August 2008

A heartbeat.a flickr.a line!

and some candystripes and that cheap ass faux leather skirt made me all shiny happy today. Ok, I absolutely ADORE the Late of the Pier album, even though there are just about 3 tracks which were actually new along all their previous singles and some tracks that were given their dosis of überproducing. but whatev, definitely my record for the coming weeks!

so and here i present to you my outfit today in my lovely living room (so you kinda get an idea of what it's like, and yes it is soooo not Milano)

Mittwoch, 13. August 2008


Will be taking place on 30th and 31st of July in Hainault Forest, just 30 mins from Central London and a slight bit more from Chelmsford, like always...

The line-up consists of bands like Gang of Four, Blood Red Shoes, Young Knives, Johnny Foreigner, XX Teens, BoomBox and Horrors DJ sets and an awful lot of great new and/or very interesting bands (my faves are definitely S.C.U.M, doing something beautifully dark and without a guitarist!)

yeah, and since it seemed quite the way I would not find anyone who'd go there with me, I just signed up for volunteering, so I get free entry, food and drinks and I get to see my favourite bands (ok, at least I hope so)

I'm really excited, I just pray the weather will be getting a bit better. English summer seems to consist of one day to be exact. Which is alright with me, but that heavy rain and wind all the time gets a bit boring after a while...

London Rain

yeah, I actually was all over writing this post on Saturday which due to the development of a slight cold (what some people mistake for being a killer-cholera-like disease) never happened.

sooo last saturday i got way before my usual time just to make my way to spitalfields and get the most amazing haircut and COLOR i have ever had! this pure feeling of looking in the mirror and seeing EXACTLY what you wanted to look like since you had developed that thing about cropped blonde hair is just pure bliss! ok, it was some kinda expensive bliss but hey, life's definitely too short for a wrong haircut!

so, if you fancy a similar experience check this out!

after this fabulous experience i made my usual stroll down brick lane when it just started to pour down for basically the rest of the day. but i was a lucky girl that day, finding my perfect red/black check-vintage shirt and the PERFECT hat at beyond retro. I absolutely adore this place!!!

A nice latte at Café @ Brick Lane later I just went down to Rough Trade just to bump into a free gig by Poppy and the Jezebels, an all-girls band from Birmingham which kinda goes under that infamous "underage" label and after having read about them in i-D some time ago I was happy about my lucky choice to flick through some fabulous books and Vinyls. Their songs were quite nice, you should check them out.