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Montag, 18. August 2008

And I was like WHA'EVA

Sooooo, I must admit I am STILL knackered from Friday, jeeeez what's going on with me?

But here are my lovely buys from yesterday...

I got the multicolor-belt from Rokit. Anyways, it's black,red,pink, and blue, completely tacky and I fucking love it!

Then I got to my favourite stop of all times, Beyond Retro where I bought this amazingly comfy red skirt (for a tenner) and this dress / servant costume lols. I have to say their store is by far the best. In terms of merchandising and the stuff you find (god, I could still go on about that black and red check shirt I found last week) I think they're unbeatable.

Later, in Camden, I almost got myself into trouble whilst looking for my badly wanted Cramps Shirt, but finally I was successful! Well, the trouble was just me caught in the depths of one of these incredibly stuffed goth-trash stores, but that's another story... After exploring some other depths, of Camden Lock Market that is (oh, you HAVE to see Cyberdog, it's like a little stint in hell, but amazing) I finally found my shirt for just 12 quid. YAY! ok, sure, it's not an original but I just love the print.

My song of the day: Sonic Youth - Incinerate

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