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Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

The Beat from The Street

Disco 45, June 1980.

“The Beat from the Street“ published in June 1980. Disco 45 was a music magazine published monthly in the United Kingdom in the late 1970s and the early 1980s. Terry Hall and The Specials has defined music and fashion for generations of British youth. Below you will find an image of a cooperation between Fred Perry and Terry Hall from 2008. Inspired by a photograph of Terry from the first edition of The Face magazine. Fred Perry produced the limited v-neck (500 pieces in aubergine/black) in Britain with pure British lambs wool. All in all The Specials are back now, breathe their style and enjoy their music.

All images via Google.

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"you did too much far too young
now you're married with a son
when you could be having fun
with me"