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Montag, 24. Januar 2011

Raf Simons A/W 2011/2012

“I very much like the idea of couture but I'm also interested in the idea of teenager going out and the extremity and the contrast between the two“, said Raf Simons. Simons‘ sent out a bunch of colours (like purple, blue and orange) and his typical minimal tailoring. The original train of thought was “The rise of the craftsman“. Plum coloured neoprene jackets, stripy mohair jumpers, beige duffel coats, wide PVC trousers and t-shirts with slogans on it: Dead Prince College' and 'Memory Ware Collector' were part of his new collection. On the one hand you always have the special Raf Simons vision and on the other hand you always have his wonderful minimal tailoring as well. Finally the collection was really good and interesting too, which is a rare treat towards the end of a two week long fashion week stint.

Images via Superfuture.

© by Raf Simons

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