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Montag, 31. Januar 2011

Acne Pre-Fall 11

Oh well, usually Acne is the brand, that I (even blindly) turn towards when looking for reasonable and long-lasting styles. I remember well my almost never ending quest for a winter coat until I approached a rack of items at Liberty, straight going for something I deemed to be "well out of my range but oh so pretty" until I checked the label inside and tadaa it was ACNE, what else. Perfect, tailored with a twist, amazing quality and not overly out of my range. Anyway, I digress. What I wanted to say is that the label really represents my taste and I totally found myself in the definition its creative director gave of the Acne woman. Nevertheless, upon seeing some showroom-pictures of the new pre-fall collection I was quite surprised by not liking most of the items, they just looked so, hm, not me.

But now I found these images on style.com with the lovely Tali Lennox presenting a part of the collection and I must admit I am growing a bit fonder of it. Especially that sharp leather coat seems a great investment piece.

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