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Freitag, 14. August 2009

i'm gonna run the risk of being free.

oh patrick, what were you thinking? well, what were these completely unprofessional organisers thinking in the first place? the concert was just amazing, but during the first seconds of his last song, the magic position, they simply pulled the plug and ended the gig since it was 10pm and the neighbours had complained.WTF? and patrick decided to start a little riot on stage throwing around equipment and spitting at the crew. anyhow. i still love him and i'm just a tad saddened about the fact that such a wonderful event was surrounded by a) this absolutely cringeworthy performance by steve strange and b)the ugly ending.
but we got about 85 mins of pure and utter musical and visual enjoyment. he played most songs from the bachelor but also some bits from the magic position and wind in the wires. i was painfully missing songs off lycantropy but oh well. still an amazing evening it was worth waiting for such a long time!

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