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Donnerstag, 13. August 2009

i was living on borrowed time.

pictures: warren du preez, patrickwolf.com

i have been counting the hours literally down to this day and still can't believe it finally arrived! today i'll see my most favourite artist everrrrr live for the first time. ladies and gentlemen, it's patrick wolf. i almost had a heart attack when i found out he'd perform over here in cologne!

really can't wait to get my work done for today while listening to all his albums on repeat to refresh my lyric knowledge (haha i am so pathetic), throw on my sunday best and hope to survive the train ride wearing my huge green bow/veil combo.

and the weathergods will have to have some mercy since the concert was moved to the outside since the organizers apparently realized that the original venue wasn't available for the evening??? wtf? just praying it won't be pissing down cats and dogs like yesterday. and on top of that, micachu and the shapes have canceled their support gig, but no other than STEVE STRANGE of Visage will perform instead. oh well, i am well excited whether he'll actually play my 80's FAVE *fade to grey. hee hee.

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