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Samstag, 8. August 2009

damaged goods.

finally i am through with the exams, at least for a couple of weeks. can't say how good that feels! made me want to make a nice lil bonfire with all the slides and books and papers to dance around. but we decided to go and move our little feet a bit at our favourite postpunk.wave.night and have a couple of drinkies. good times
always make sure the fringe is in place!
still psyched about the new photobooth in town! it's slowly becoming addictive though.

was very happy to leave my coffin for a night out...

these two bubbly mates were causing high feelings first and upset stomachs later. better not mess with these again!

should you ever get bored while going for a wee, this place offers you to read about the german constitutional law. mehr bildung für alle!

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