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Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

Shop Now!

I duly believe there is no need to introduce the fantastic TASCHEN publishing house or their popular series of architecture now! Books. However, being the total and utter retail space nerd who gets excited about literally anything that has something to do with great design and the aim to create superior shopping or (as in my case) browsing experiences, I was particularly enticed by encountering the latest addition to the series called Shopping Architecture Now! During my last visit to the Cologne flagship store. I reckon I spend at least as much time exploring exciting shops when on a city trip as in museums and actually, to me a superior retail space somewhat resembles a sort of gallery displaying the wares on sale. As we all seem to increasingly move our lifes and with that our purchases towards the virtual world, I think that there is nothing that ever comes close to real-life shopping.

The book features a careful selection of the latest retail spaces located all over the world ranging from extraordinary newsstands over flagship stores to giant shopping centres. It also introduces the responsible architects amongst which you'll find creative heavyweights such as Zaha Hadid or Rem Koolhas.

All images via Taschen.com.

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