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Samstag, 25. Dezember 2010

Andrew Weatherall‘s empire of music.

Andrew Weatherall was born 1963, Windsor, England. He‘s a disc jockey, a remixer and a producer at the same time. Andrew Weatherall started his career in the world of music as a music journalist in the late 1980`s. His DJ career really started to take off when he met Danny Rampling. Danny invited him to play at his famous party Shoom. Then he began to remix famous bands like New Order, Björk, Happy Mondays or In The Nursery . Andrew Weatherall produced namely Primal Scream‘s famous record Screamadelica. Finally he formed two music projects: The Sabres of Paradise in 1993 (including Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns). The second project was Two Lone Swordsmen in 1996, including Keith Tenniswood.

In my following music post i will present my all time favourite Andrew Weatherall remix.

All images via Google.

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