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Samstag, 25. Juli 2009

the sun, the moon, they have all been blown out


Ok well now THAT'S what i'd call a fab idea:
but as life is unfair as always i will by no means be able to go. sigh...

Top 40 Singles (Pure Groove's Dating Night!) Thursday 6th August 2009 - 7.30pm (Signup Required)Fancy meeting a like-minded music lover who knows their Faces from their Elbows and likes the things you do - live music, recorded music, and possibly some other things not involving music. Maybe books or films or something. Well...

Top 40 singles is a free indie based speed dating night. Twenty guys & twenty girls. One night, good music, special drinks offers & free cupcakes! Just turn up with a copy of your favorite single that speaks volumes about you ( haha ) & can be used as a handy ice breaker. Throughtout the night our resident DJ will spin all 40 of the singles for you.

Usual speed dating style rules - you let us know which people you liked and if they liked you do - you can have each other's email addy!

Email info@puregroove.co.uk for signup details!

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