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Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2009

a tourist in the waking world

rainshowers mixed with blazing sunshine - extensive shopping in mitte - paule's metaleck in friedrichshain - mystery jets at magnet - dancing til the party closes, sleeping for 2 hours and we're out again - meet me am alex - eastside gallery - extreme photoboothing - humana kaufhaus rocks - bagels and brownies for breakfast, currywurst for lunch, burritos for dinner - catching a sunburn and amazing finds at mauerpark - helmut newton foundation - countless playgrounds - accidentally hot drinks at the spätkauf - bilderträume - scissor-earrings and a 16 quid jil sander blazer, not to forget the ultimate siouxsie shirt (as modeled by agy) - vegan fastfood - vodka lemon - telling embarrassing stories and claiming i'm from essex - taking pictures - walking around - having such a good time and not wanting to return home.

oh well, berlin was a total blast.

now it's all about covering up these dark circles under me eyes and hardcore studying until in 3 weeks.

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