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Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2010

likeylikey. late nights

all Topshop, obvs.
can't wait for the delivery of my parcel. hihi

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Sancho Penser hat gesagt…

Hoi, ye!
just wanted to stop by to let you know you're fit as fonk and i miss you! Had the bestest time last weekend! When yur back, we go for a swimm w/ Martha, Shannie, Birdz and whoever at the pool in the woods. Promise? it is wayyy to hottt!
i feel fine. Might as well slow the jb business down a little for we don't want to raise hope, nope! i'm not made of clay, nay! hehehe...hope you do awesome.
luv not suv,
BRB aka REH aka (A)S(A)P