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Dienstag, 15. Juni 2010


oh ten more days and you'll find me in front of the laptop at 7am to raid the topshop website. i really need this dress. ever since his first collection i've been a huuuge fan of mark fasts knitted beyond-bodycon dresses. and finally it seems there's a realistic chance to own one of his pieces. ten days, ten days and counting.

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Sancho Penser hat gesagt…

HARHAR...got your mind all tangled up in this lovely---wait, what is it actually----Macramee?? Oh the woes of bankruptcy. I am DEAD broke. HARHARHAR deficit spending. And still waking up to the thought of that particularly lovely scarf at RA rather than JB's adequately lovelingly tiny gap between his front theeth. Hm...are we already dunzo??? DUNNO!!! BUMMMMMMRRRRRRRRRR