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Samstag, 8. Mai 2010


surface 2 air x solve sundsbo


Sancho Penser hat gesagt…

Hey-ho. Stylebytes is on again, but without agathe. there is this strange girl nadia. don't know what to make of it, feel it is BS to be honest. puh..whatev! my thesis sucks and is lying dormant almost...only 3 days left and approx 12 pages to fill from now on...ahhhhrgggg..hate it. Other than the 'parrott'! luv ittt! hehe and thanx for the add!
and sandy leaves ldn, what to make of that? oh well, to much time on my hands! <3 Sanch

Lily Libertine hat gesagt…

ahh i saw it, but was not too intrigued by the new gal. agathe lives on a lonely island now...
the dormant theses sounds like a nice bandname though ;) mine's a bit less sleepy these days. we're getting there i s'pose.

and hey, there is a new frozen yogurt shop in town, fancy trying it this week?

Sancho Penser hat gesagt…

Yay...i was so damn productive today,although i have a huge heartache :( i think frozen yoghurt can provide both: be an indulgend self-splurge-spoil-y thing for the pages i killed and cool me down on the inside a little...what about thursday-eve? i know, it's a holiday, but d'you think the fro-yo might be open?1...gotta escape from the baron, though (avoiding the city ;)). i met him twice (!) at uni today, by hazard. Stupid, stupid. could not get rid of him yet (as planned) had to pamper my paper...ahhhrggg..but friday's fro-yo (good name for a store, int'it?) could be delish, too...so, in old d-fats manner: "you decide" hähähä