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Samstag, 20. Juni 2009

too hungry to eat, too tired to sleep

hayward gallery, the andy warhol exhibition was truly amazing. could've spent hours just watching all the old episodes of the "15 minutes" show he did on MTV. god, how i wish modern MTV was just a bit like that instead of showing stupid car make overs in season # 56847 and old, nasty hasbeen rockstars looking for young and even nastier girlfriends.
ldn eye of course

royal mile, edinburgh

finally developed my holga-film, here are some of the results. i still need a bit of practise but looking at the pictures i am really happy about owning this terribly dodgy plastic piece of chinese engineering.

i am soooo tired, off to bed. looks like it's raining tomorrow :( grrrrreat. at least i got the champagne sorted.

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