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Sonntag, 31. Mai 2009

I'm not done...

went to see Fever Ray last saturday, oh dear, what an amazing show, lasers, costumes, smoke, an incredible stage set up. wow. just made me want to start making music myself soooo bad! this woman is just k.i.l.l.e.r.! and i want some synthesizers for my birthday!

the gossip also played, it was good, but not exactly mindblowing. beth did an a capella version of "private dancer" and they played some new stuff. during the phoenix set, after which most of all these "wannabe hipsters" (i will not bang on about how much most people there annoyed the sh*t out of me, except for the nice aussies we met) went home i almost fell asleep twice. I really don't know why everyone is raving about this french indie pop.hm.
simian played very late and all the strobelight was not very kind to my already aching brain suffering from too many kölsch and dehydration. but hey, that's electronic beats, innit?

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